Delivering accurate temperature control and ROI

The most trusted and well recognized brand of high-performance reusable shippers with the largest number of sizes and temperature ranges available.

Modular TIC™ (Thermal Isolation Chamber) walls with integrated PCM (Phase-Change Material) and VIPs (Vacuum Insulated Panels) makes conditioning in a freezer for year-round shipping easy and allows effortless packing and storage and ensuring consistently stable performance.

Credo shippers are highly durable, lightweight, and provide an optimum volume ration of interior payload space for your products-allowing you to ship more product in fewer containers, reducing distribution costs.

The Credo Cube™ is a passive and reusable shipper qualified to hold chilled medical materials at a safe temperature for up to five days. This system is ideal for reducing shipping costs or for circumstances in which unexpected delays may occur.

Distributed by Andlauer Healthcare Group in Canada

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